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Impulse deviation, an instinctive urge to act beyond the norm. A strong desire to not walk the beaten track. A staggering force that causes a temporal change of momentum. A catalyst for deep level chainreactions that trigger your mind in unusual visual ways to expand your mental horizon.

Impulse deviation, signal manipulation … , is it distortion? Is it a glitch? It is a stimulating itch you can't get rid of. It is an inspiration, powered by Geert Lenssens: G.L. Itch??

“Let me take you on a breathtaking visual trip!”

Geert Lenssens (°1975, Belgium) is a visual artist and content creator who is active in the fields of video art, live visuals, shortfilm, (interactive) video installations and image manipulation (moving and still images).

Geert creates rich, complex, fragmented layered visuals, often monochrome, with natural elements and lots of textures and structures, with a psychedelic and/or post apocalyptic feel.

First experiments with video art date back to 2009; first visuals at an event was in 2016. Since 2018 Geert brings live visuals at concerts by string ensemble boho strings, tantric techno for the restless Onrust, Zeitgeist and many others. Impulse Deviation/Geert Lenssens mainly has experience with stage visuals at concerts for a broad variety of music styles, but did some live visuals for DJ sets aswell.
Top venues include: de Bijloke (Ghent), deSingel (Antwerp) and Trix (Antwerp), all in Belgium.

Geert has made 3 experimental shorts between 2012 and 2018. He had several selections for (dance) film festivals with his latest short, 'Again', that won the price for best dance film at Kadoma International Film Festival, Japan 2019.

Geert Lenssens is a regular at BYOB Ghent since 2016. He also puts on his video art at other events and exhibitions. Since 2019 he is experimenting with interactive video installations.

For still images and vectors: Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher.
For video/NLE/motion graphics: Davinci Resolve & Fusion
For live visuals: Resolume Avenue 6 & 7



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