Impulse Deviation

Impulse Deviation


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BYOB Ghent 2021

An edit I made with footage of my interactive videoinstallation at Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) Ghent, Belgium, organised by Nerdlab, November 27, 2021.

People stood in front of a white wall with a camera pointed at them. Whithin Resolume I turn this image into a luminance key that becomes a mask for the layer beneath, in front of a background layer, so their silhouette appears inside the psychedelic visuals. Add some effects that show up when there is movement (like trails or RGB delay) and people start to move, pose and dance spontaniously.

This was my first try-out of this setup. The problem was light spill on the projection surface by the white wall that was lit for making it white in a big dark space. It would have worked better if I could put more distance between the place where people stand before the white wall and the projection surface. Anyway, it was fun and interesting. People enjoyed it.


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