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Vjbooking has a wide range of active visual artists over the world and we love to showcase their work.
We also deliver a graphic design service that develops Signature Brand Visuals and make your event even more spectacular.
Feel free to send us your questions so we can find the perfect match for your event.


We’re always on the lookout for talent to share and showcase their work.

We offer a free portfolio service for Visual artists to create a resume and share there experience.


We’re an online portfolio network for visual jockeys and video-art creators.

Our goal is to provide a better understanding of this exciting visual culture and share different styles and technology while they develop around the globe.

Visual Jockeys or VJ’s are video edit artists who deliver a better brand experience by providing rich live projection at your event, store or party.

They create an instant atmosphere by live mixing; videos and animation in a creative projection mash-up that supports the audience to get involved with your event madness and/or brand values.

VJBooking provides a portfolio service for dedicated artists around the world and the proper tools to learn, experience and share technology with colleagues, fans and organizers.

We try to establish a great solid relationship with event organizers by connecting them with the best artistic visual visionairy around the world.

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