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Estefanía Valero Merkt (1988), is a Venezuelan multimedia artist and Mass Media graduate specialized in Audiovisual Arts, based in Chile since 2017.

Started her audiovisual endeavor in 2008, composing live visuals for electronic music events and rock bands. In 2012 began a period of experimental research with interactive installations, performances, and video mapping projections.

Most of her work invites to explore the boundaries of human connection, as well as their interactions in bigger human systems. In her work she extracts and re-contextualizes fragments of audiovisual pieces belonging to the pop culture, plastic arts and the imaginary of the Internet, intervening with her own production of video, motion design, and generative visuals.

She has participated in exhibitions in Caracas, New York, Madrid, and Paris. She currently resides in Santiago, working as an audiovisual creator.



Visual Jockey Projection Mapping Installation Video Art 2D Motion Graphics


Arkaos Modul8 MadMapper