Impulse Deviation

Impulse Deviation


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Black Francis DJ set live visuals Geert Lenssens

PICK YOUR OWN SOUNDTRACK. For live visuals for a DJ set copyrighted music is a problem. So there is no audio in this video, just the visuals. Choose and play a music track to your liking and set this video to full screen, sit back and relax! You'll be amased by the fact that the visuals and music synchronise, not all the time, but enough to trick you.

This is a part of a live VJ set by Geert Lenssens for a DJ set by Black Francis (Ghent, Belgium). Recorded (no audio) on september 3, 2022 at an event by Scratch+Snuff; location: Bar Bricolage, Gent, Belgium.

All visuals originals by Geert Lenssens.
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