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AntennA 2023 - Onrust feat. Geert Lenssens (full concert)

This is the full concert of Onrust feat. Geert Lenssens at AntennA Festival 2023.

Again a collaboration between Onrust (Wendy Mulder, Kortrijk, Belgium) en Impulse Deviation (Geert Lenssens, Zottegem, Belgium). Onrust brings you tantric techno for the restless.

AntennA invited us for their 2023 edition of a festival full interesting transmissions from the Belgian Electronic Music Scene. We were asked for 2021, but that edition was postponed twice due to Covid-19. AntennA focuses on acts that combine music and visuals.

Recorded on Friday March 24, 2023 at CC Stroming, Sleidinge (Evergem), Belgium. Music is mastered by Nicolas Esterle at Studio de la Limite. No editing except intro and end credits.


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