Impulse Deviation

Impulse Deviation


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Onrust & Geert Lenssens - The four elements

This video is the result of the online collaboration in covid times between electronic musician Onrust (Wendy Mulder) and visual artist Geert Lenssens, both from Belgium.

We played this set a week earlier on a live streaming event, but didn't record it. So we both made a homerecording of this set. First Onrust made a live home studio recording of her set 'De vier elementen' (the four elements) and later on Geert, on his turn, added visuals to this music. (Onrust came with this title after all this was done ...)

All visuals are created within Resolume: half of it are generative visuals, the other half is based on a video capture of Onrust playing the set at home.


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