VJBooking celebrates the artist behind the visuals.

We strongly believe in the individuality of our artists. To support these visual masterminds, means to support open perspectives, high-quality creations, new technologies, creative endeavours and rising talent. It also means a win for your event/brand, since we are convinced that the content of our unique characters can elevate your demand. It is a winning match.

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For Artists

First and foremost, VJBooking is a platform designed for Visual Jockeys (VJ’s) and Artists. We help you to build your platform online and increase your international, professional visibility.

By creating an account you become part of the VJBooking artist community. This means you are included in our international database and are one step closer to connect with event organisers and other artists.

Showcase your skills and style by uploading your recent creations to your profile. In order to attract an audience and share your vision in the most optimal way, it is important to take some time to complete and update your portfolio page.


For your event

VJBooking provides an artists recruitment service to support your event and brand with signature event visuals.

We connect talented professionals with your event. Are you looking for a smashing live performance, an out of the box installation, or on-brand visuals?

We adapt our services to your needs, meaning we can provide the technical support as well as the creative content and, in extension, offer graphic design services for printed media to match the visuals.

The VJBooking office is based in Antwerp, Belgium, however, we operate worldwide. Let’s create an augmented experience together.