PuH (Pushka Studio)

PuH (Pushka Studio)


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Motion designer, VJ and film maker participating in the largest multimedia events in Szczecin and Poland. The co-creator of visual setting of such festivals like Boogie Brain, inSPIRACJE, digitalia, Warsaw Student Festival Ursynalia, AudioRiver, TNM, Interference Festival, Circle of Light Moscow or Video mapping festival VZARI in Czech Republic; international cooperation with Loomo Motion Design resulting in 3D mapping projects in Berlin and Paris. On daily basis, he cooperates with the most important culture institutions in Szczecin such as, the Szczecin Art Academy and Philharmonic Orchestra. Currently, he is engaged in the development of various video forms used in the image building processes.



Visual Jockey Projection Mapping 2D Motion Graphics 3D Motion Graphics Scenography


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