PuH (Pushka Studio)

PuH (Pushka Studio)


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Audi Q8 Polish Premiere 2018 - The 8th Dimension.

This short film presents the vision of creating the car from the atomes of energy and aims to take us to the 8th dimension.

With every second of the animation we discover more and more faces of the car in order to experience all its splendor in the finale.

Animation Studio: Onlight, Pushka Studio

Art Director: Bartosz Wójcicki

Motion Graphics: Bartosz Wójcicki, Jakub Cwajda

Sound Design & Sound Mix: Gagarin Studio

Agency: Zero 2

Client: Audi Polska

Producer: Iwona Grochowska

Event Director: Maciej Amanowicz

Technical Production: Łukasz Kubiak

Technical realization of the event: TSE Grupa


2D Motion Graphics Scenography SMPTE (timecode)


Custom Software