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I am a multimedia artist who has shared residence between Buenos Aires and Havana since 2019. My a.k.a. is MINImaxVj. I believe in the power relations of the image, I think in symbolic segregations. I believe in the capacity for surprise of an audience that consumes your work without thinking that it is art. I create reactive images, reports of illusions and disagreements. I investigate the gaps between my desire and the commission, trusting in the corrosive capacity of artistic discourse. I make site specific works, the context is very important, the protagonist in several proposals. Like a surgeon I operate, like an actor I portray masks, like a chameleon I weave camouflages.

I am interested in creating video projections that bifurcate boundaries between the real and the virtual, the hidden detours. He investigated video mapping from an anthropological, intercultural attitude. I use entertainment, abstraction and seduction as a watchtower while I bet on an audience deceived by the logic of entertainment. From this passive position, I can give them other coordinates to question their position. Thus, I surf between the explicit and the implicit, between the casual and causal, between the world of art and entertainment, between the center and the periphery, an exiled prisoner in freedom.

I am currently researching how the development of video mapping impacted Cuba between 2011 and 2019. I am doing this to find out what the particularities of this practice were in relation to other countries in the face of access to new technologies.



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