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This piece is part of the first season of video mapping carried out in Cuba that worked with a series of interventions scheduled weekly for a period of three months. Four original architectural video mapping shows in Old Havana, brand new and the replacement of those carried out to date throughout the city. Held between the months of September and December 2014, it was developed by the video mapping collective *.IMG or Isla Mapeada en Grupo. Each presentation is composed of different narrative styles, inserted in the world of art, advertising and entertainment. The Avenida de las Misiones, La Plaza Vieja, La Plaza de Armas and La Plaza de La Catedral, the ICAIC, the Yara are some of the meeting points where history and technology come together. A season that reaches thousands of viewers.

Multimedial Artist
Unreality report Mgtr Design Management in @posgradosendisenoup.
AV TECHNICIAN in @palacioduhau.
Video Mapping @marcelmarquezmartinez

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Marcel Márquez ( M.M ), Havana, 1985. Artes's graduate Plastic of the Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro in the 2006 and Tania Bruguera's Behavioral Cathedra Art belonging to the University of Arts 2007 and of Scenographic design at the Institute Superior Instituto of Arte ( ISA) 2009 for two years ( non-concluded Studies ). You have participated in different international events among themselves editions 9na, 10ma, 11na, 12da of the Bienal of Havana, Urban Arte's Festivity Pollinates from Valencia in Spain and Fair Art of Miami. Winner of the scholarship of creation of the Cultural Counsellor of The Spanish Embassy and winner in the festivity of short-lived sculpture, Living room of the city, 1er ACCESSIT in the XVII Edition. You have accomplished different Curator of expositions like CLUBnoCKE, Xl Bienal of Havana and Parche Rosa Sucio, shows first collective be more than enough of Havanan Graffiti. Like workshops and the lecturer has accomplished presentations in the program BRING near at St. Anthony's house of the Latin American Film Festival of Havana, in the Polytechnic University from Valencia
(Spain), in the house of Dawn and the International School and Cine of the Restrooms in Cuba. Founder of the bus of graffiti BCD crew (Bajo Condiciones Dificiles), of the magazine of Urban art BCDone and of the multimedia bus the Pink Pistols ( of music and live video, Vjs `s Dj `s ), hosts this last of the project club Atmosphere and Sarao Night Club. The jockey ( Vj ) with artists has worked with over nine years of experience like video of various generate them musical, choreographers and of other fields of arts. Since 2006 he has realized visual for spectacles for artists such like: Diana Fuentes, Kumar, Doble Filo, Etian Brebaje Man, AI, Nacional electronic, Kike Wolf, Anónimo Consejo, Diemen Duff, Dj Dark, The Hernmanas Labecke, Toy Select, Julieta Venegas etc. Cofounder and audiovisual Pro-Electronic director of the Festivity. In 2011 mapping is cofounder of the first video bus Cuban, Isla mappeada in a group ( *.IMG ). At present I work making bridges between creators and spaces, he is known as MM, minimax, IMG and work like fixer and artist enter the world of entertainment and the world of the Fine Arts with five years creating video mapping in Cuba.


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