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///Visual Creator at UnleashedVisuals///
"My visual style is called Dark and Underground"
#grunge #glitchy #experimental #techno #dark #industrial

Combining image and music has always been a passion for me. I've always been impressed by live visuals during dj sets, image and sound together can create a 4th dimension.
After studying audiovisual arts I started making music video's. Always with a layer of VJ'ing on top.
As a filmmaker I started to make custom content for bands I worked with and soon I was mixing live during their shows.

I've mainly been working the last 8 years as a tour VJ for The Neon Judgement.
Other bands I worked with are: Luc Van Acker, Flesh & Fell, Neon Electronics, Psygasus, Linear Straight and Radical G.
I played live sets at venues like AB Brussels, Pukkelpop, Stuk Leuven, Depot, Pluto Festival, Vooruit Ghent... and many more.

Live I make a blend of motion graphics and film footage, most effects are responsive to the music, to maximize the impact. Consistent in style and colors, always.
I create custom motion graphics for your event or band, add some videomapping if you want and build custom stage video installations with integrated screens. Boring to use only a beamer on a wall all the time right?

If you want to unleash my visuals on your event or live performance,
contact me at jeroen@unleashedvisuals.com



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