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Tashtec is based in Deinze (Belgium) and was formed in 2010 from a collaboration, a combination and merged creativity of Art-Tec (Koen De Nobele) living in Belgium and Tasha (Anastasia Dumarey) living in Cambodia

specialized in visual different art forms

• live visuals - live video mapping<br>
• video installations - video art<br>
• video and visual productions<br>
• 3D animation and fx<br>
• live drawing and painting<br>
• workshops and private lessons

We bring u kick ass all unique visual experiences!

Art-tec/Koen De Nobele:
In 2000 Art-tec started his education in video and film-art. Since then he has accomplished numerous assignments as cameraman and professional video producer. During the last years Art-tec has specialised himself in directing and stage management for exhibitions, multi camera-recordings,video clips,…

In 2003, Art-tec found a way to combine all three of his main interests: video,music and nightlife.
After a long search he discovered Vj’ing. Because of his travels Art-tec has a knowledge of many different cultures, which is noticeable in his visuals.

Art-Tec’s vj-sets are always interesting and fully adapted to the music.
He can handle any music genre, techno, acid, electro,core,hardtek,dubstep, psychedelic music, rock, post-rock, …
He also does visuals for theatre, and dance performances, at times combined with live camera footage.
Since last year he is really busy with video mapping combined with building constructions for his mappings and also video - installations..

Koen realized video - mapping and video installations for large and small parties, festivals, art exhibitions, fashion, theater and dance performances and corporate celebrations.

Tasha (Anastasia Dumarey):
Anastasia was introduced to the concept of Vj'ing in 2008 by Vj JokJok (Stijn Deprez) who taught her how to use OTZT and got her started. Together they created all red, black and white visual imagery.
Everything appearing on screen had to be infected by her signature overly crowded drawing style.
All walls, costumes, props where carefully selected, pimped or drawn on to fit the right mood.
Between 2008 & 2010 she spread her artistic vision and visuals in the london area as VA London.
Due to Olympic development she based herself back in Belgium from April 2010, where she met Art-tec who enlightened her with new technical knowledge.

To her vj'ing creates the opportunity to express herself in an easy and direct way to a broad audience. She lets the music (or even absence of it) guide her through her massive data base of home made visuals, and works up a touching strong combination of visual expressions transiting eternally.
Although she has the ability to adapt to any kind of music style or soundscape, her Vj-sets usually tend to a dark or mysterious vibe. When darkness or mystery is best avoided (very upbeat music) she turns the video mix into something manic, psychotic and funny.

As a Vj she makes a point of only using home made footage. She is always on the lookout for the next great setting such as abandoned factoriesboats, impressive castles, idillic views, grim alleyways,... or extravagant outfit to use and get inspired by for future video shootings. The creation of the perfect visual, the perfect composition, setting and expression is as important to her as performing a smooth live set. Her passion both in making and mixing her visuals/vision is what makes Anastasia a very talented and dedicated



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