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Personal Information :
Sanjay Waghela hailing from a Gujarati family, born and brought up in Mumbai. He has specialization in Animation, which includes 2D & 3D animation, Video editing, Graphic designing, Typography, professional Photo editing (not in metal Glass Transparent material) etc.
His hobbies include Disc jockeying, Reading, Watching animated movies etc. He was also known as DJ SAJ. He was very good in playing House music. He is a certified in DJ from the year 2013. After a successful career as DJ, He developed an interest in VFX as an alternative career. Now he has a successful career in both Djing and VFX field.
About :
He is currently working on:
Logo & Graphic Design, Photo & Video Editing, VFX & Music Visualization, 2D & 3D Work, Visual Effects, Custom Content Design, Projection Mapping and Content Design, Making Visual Loops.
Sanjay Waghela makes one of India’s best VFX Artists having a versatile personality with a beautiful creative talent. He entered this field of video editing at the age of 20 and he began his career in remix industry by working as a video artist for many well-known DJ's. He has also been editing Bootlegs, Electronic Dance Music videos for many underground and commercial DJs around the globe. Since a long time, He has started working as a freelance editor in some known television channels.
He has earned his specialization in Visual Live Set, Scenography, KOD set, Animation and Visual Effects, Video Mapping Content, 3D Mapping Content, Visual Performance, VJ Loops and much other visual stuff. His content is inspired from Abstract Movement, 3D Movements and Information Sciences thus making the content innovative, unique, hypnotic and mesmerizing every time it syncs with music.
Sanjay is a master in making VJ Loops. He is making such work on commercial basis and these are selling like hot cakes in the scene. His VJ Loops are in demand since he has started making them.
In his role as a VFX artist in Bollywood Music videos and working with many DJ’s, he has unfailingly provided his clients with strategies, action plans and looked at the business goals of his clients and has actively recommended ways to achieve them. Within a short period of time he made his stand in VFX promotional field.
Sanjay Waghela has worked on many Bollywood official cover Songs and he has been a favorite personal video maker for most of them. At the stake of the renowned 2 years that he has devoted to the industry, Sanjay Waghela has achieved so much in little time.
Sanjay is a one of the most active Visual Artistic Content Maker in India. He is not only talented in production but he makes a good impression on his client
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