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Colorful and illustrative video art is the trademark of Martin & Sebastian Bachmayr aka Onkel Tuca Visuals.
They have developed their first animations using Amiga technology in the mid 1990s. Today, the Onkel Tuca crew is placed
among the Top-VJs in Austria and Germany.
They performed their fast-cut visuals already with artists like John Acquaviva, DJ Hype, Sub Focus or ShyFx, just to name a
few. Their visuals ensure a fat ambience and drive fans into ecstasy.
Since several years Red Bull together with Onkel Tuca is an integral part at the Taubertal Festival, Red Bull Crashed Ice
Munich or the Crystal Grounds snowboard contest Kleinwalertal.
As graphic designers, video artists and developers Sebastian & Martin produce their own 2D & 3D animations and therefore
have access to an endless pool of unique footage. The colorful comic style and the illustrative Pop Art animations bang the
beats uniquely to the screen and transform the sound into a firework for the eyes. Without their visuals the parties are not
even half as wicked.
Onkel Tuca's know-how about the effective live steering of VJ software led to the production of the already legendary ReAct
MIDI controller in 2004.

more Infos @ www.onkeltuca.at | www.facebook.comonkeltuca | www.youtube.comonkeltucavisuals