Nes Croft

Nes Croft


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Artist / Musician / Computer Engineer

Digital nomad currently in Malaysia

Ready to make something badass for your event! My vjing journey started as making videos for my music and transitioned into live performance for others. I make custom software in Unity3d that reacts to sound. I also make music software and I am lead developer for a dream analysis app called Temenos Dream.

Nes has been writing songs since he was 13 and distilled his passion by entering into the back-end of the tech music industry; starting out working for a synthesizer company at age 19 and ended up co-founding his own music production software company Vaytricks. His studio sessions involve VR headsets, microtonal synthesis, splicing algorithms, and the occasional heartfelt acoustic ballad. Each song sounds unique and may lean into a range of genres such as psyche pop, folk, hyperpop, and idm.



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Custom Software