Marta Radecka

Marta Radecka

United Kingdom

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I’m a visual artist, VJ, surface pattern designer, graphic designer and an illustrator. My artistic development has been initially shaped in an Art College and later I mastered my skills studying graphic design at university. I create video projections, mappings and LED installations for audiovisual performances, concerts or live DJ sets. I'm a VJ at recurring gigs in Krakow and London. To me the starting point of any creative concept is always music. I use my own drawings, graphics and animations to design unique loops. My artistic creations are characterised by multiple dissolving and interfusing layers and monochrome colour palette. My live shows are never 100% planned; there is always lots of space for improvisation.
I was born in Poland, currently live in London.



Visual Jockey Projection Mapping Graphic Design Scenography LED Control


Modul8 MadMapper