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Hernán Roperto is a VJ, Audiovisual Artist & Engineer.​
He develops visual content for live performances.

He started his career as VJ in 2007 and since then he has accompanied with visuals to multiple musicians, DJs and Theater Plays.

His main areas of interest are live performances and audio-reactive visuals, creative coding, video mapping, projection design and audiovisual installations.

Due to his additional background in engineering, his work is a combination of science, technology and art, looking into the aesthetics and technical aspects of sound visualization, generative process, computational algorithms, geometrical abstraction and mathematical & data transformation processes.

He creates audiovisual performances together with his brother, the engineer and musician Dani Roperto, under the ROOR pseudonym.

As an audiovisual producer and filmmaker, he has worked with many mediums over the past years, participating in multiple projects such as documentaries, fiction feature films, TV shows, advertisements, music videos.​
He teaches courses and seminars that cover the different instances of audiovisual production and video in real time (Vjing).



Visual Jockey Projection Mapping Video Art 2D Motion Graphics Scenography


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