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Fuzz Blanchard, known professionally as FuzzBeast is a projection designer, VJ, visualist, and multimedia/interactive artist with more than a decade of experience. Xe has performed and worked in many different formats; from giant club stages to intimate house parties, from art galleries to street performance. On the technical side they are proficient in a range of systems, both hardware and software; from small scale projects involving a single projector output on a flat surface to multi-projector setups utilizing multiple computers and miles of cable.

In 2013 FuzzBeast created a mobile projection system that could be mounted and ridden on the back of a bicycle. In 2015 xe helped form Instrument.Dance to code, design, and create a motion controlled A/V instrument called the Dancestrument wherein participants can manipulate an entire audio sequencer and video content through motion and gestures.

FuzzBeast has been the resident projectionist and visual media specialist at the Church of F.U.N., an artist run collective in Los Angeles, CA since it's founding in 2012. In this space xe has directed the lighting and digital scenery/effects for the collective's venue portion, as well as using the space as a launching and experimentation platform for new research into projection methodologies, techniques, and technologies.

FuzzBeast is also a founding member of the Arts Faculty (an art collective 2008-2015), a former gallery director at the The Barbershop Art Space (2012-2014), and a freelance landscape and mural painter.



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