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Universitas In Lucem

The University of Graz is the largest university in Styria as well as the second-largest and second-oldest university in Austria. For the promotion of Springfestival 2015 we were invited to create a semi-permanent architectural projection mapping on the frontage of its classicistic main building which was finished in 1895. It features corinthian columns and attic statues of famous scientists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Aristoteles.

We remodeled the whole frontage and its key features and developed several 3D animations with the objective of playing with spectators' spatial perception by making heavy use of lights and shadows. Due to security reasons it wasn't possible to switch off the street lights so we were forced to enhance the contrast of the projection by working mostly in black and white. The final projection was visible for two weeks and captured the attention of hundreds of passers-by.


Projection Mapping Installation Video Art