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Streaming Art Session "Circulart"【remote work version】

A remote work of art by different artists.
A sound engineer, an ice-dye artist, a track-maker, a pianist, a VJ, a tap dancer and each artist's expression is transmitted in real time, and the work consists of a circular structure that returns to the beginning again.
The work utilises the delays of live streaming to express in a live performance a situation in which things are repeated not by "synchronising information in real time" but by "delaying information".

Sample (Circulation) Art

An art team that experiments with new artistic expressions.
The theme of this exhibition is 'Circulation'.

Tap : Lily [ ]
Ice dye : Sayaka Asai [ ]
Sound Design : ONI [ ]
PIANO : Junko Nishida
Sound Engineer : Osao Hori
VJ : TOOWA2 [ ]
Tech Staff : Yukiko Ishihara


Visual Jockey Installation Video Art