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Qpop_vr promo trailer

Qpop_vr - Multimedia Art Promo Trailer
Video Mapping, VJing, AV + DVJ performance, Video + Audio Production by marQu vr.

Footage from Performances and Events
Selection from 2013-2017

LPM - Live Performance Meeting
Sonic Arts Waterford + Sonic Dreams ( featuring Peak and Leifert )
Body and Soul Festival ( Grounds for Invasion )
Puzzle and Unicursal
Epoch I-F event
UFO Club

Video Mapping

Townlands Carnival 2015+2016 ( Collaboration with GeO pop )
Rebus Qube Installation @ Puzzle Festival 2016
PT Connections - Space Tribe 2016
Sonic Arts Waterford 2015 - Performance by Peak
SPUD Unity Event 2015
Earthstar Events 2014
BD festival 2014

Elements from Video pieces
Variance Records

VJ and AV Performances + Production
by marQu vr - Qpopvr

Music Production - Q p.o.p.
Established between 1999 and 2001.
For Bookings Contact at qpopvr@gmail.com


Music - https://soundcloud.com/qpop

Qpop started as a conceptual art project. Q stands for Questions,,
where we should question the politics of media, open up to more peaceful expressions and abandon pornograffiti ( The graffiti the media puts in our minds --
These are the P. O. P we need to Question.
marQu vr has been involved with the underground music scene since the late 90s. Graduating from Fine Art college,
specializing in Digital Media, Video and Sound Art in 2001. He has been working as a VJ since 2005, for many styles of music nights and festivals. In 2008 he started the 4theye Multisensory Immersive events which recently has evolved into QVRtv,
a Multimedia/New Media platform.
The rebus Qube Video mapping Installation started in 2013 as part of The BASED Exhibition in Mabos Art Space Dublin.


Visual Jockey DVJ Projection Mapping


Resolume Custom Software