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Mutable VR

Mutable VR is an immersive installation and live performance in which 360 spatial audio is controlled within virtual reality. Conceptually inspired by wave–particle duality in quantum mechanics and posthuman phenomenology, this project explores an embodied experience of microsound. This piece is a culmination of my recent body of work exploring themes of duality, embodiment and abstraction, the title itself is taken from the programming term “Mutable” (a changeable object). The artwork combines the latest VR technology with custom software to connect real time particle simulations to music and redefine how we perceive our bodies within virtual worlds.

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For binaural effect please use headphones while listening.

Audiovisual performance/installation by Chris Speed 2019.

Developed with Unity/VFX Graph and Max MSP.

Video by Rupert Earl


Visual Jockey Installation Dome Projection


MadMapper Custom Software