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Masterdamus visuals @ UNITY Trilogy PURIM Israel 2017

This Purim was quite psychedelic weekend Experience... with the Ťrilỡgỷ Festival Chapter III: PURIM 09-10.03.17 calling us for a MasterDamus show extravaganza @ the beautiful DUGIT BEACH Sea of Galilee.
We had 2 stages to play with both designed and painted by the talented Alon Deco & Ofir Yiflach Design team.
we came along a scary but psychedelic stage @ the main dance floor which looked like a gigantic face that really wanted to swallow the dj & the crowd & a classic blissful eye opening design @ the 2nd goa stage.
So we had a full live video mapping show @ both stages with 4 crew members: Dorian Natan VJ Masterdamus, Shai Koptziovski vj purple eye, Hagay Rasad vj Craft , & Ben Portman.
X2 super bright 15000ANSI Projectors to deal with the massive stages & extenssive amount of lights & lasers thrown on location. what a blast it was.
but Videos speak louder then words.... so enjoy this cool edited clip of both stages.
Thanks to:
Production crew: UNITY Festival Israel & specifically Rami Unity Shmuel for believing ini us and giving us full creative freedom.


Visual Jockey Projection Mapping Video Art


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