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kasumi, fried dähn, thomas maos at camp 07, stuttgart, germany

Excerpts from rehearsal and live show created at Internationales Festival für Klang- und Lichtkunst, Württembergischen Kunstverein, Stuttgart, August 2007. Fried Dähn, laptop, Thomas Maos, guitar, Kasumi, videoart.
The International Festival, also known as CAMP (Creative Arts and Music Project) is an innovative forum and interactive laboratory for soundartists, musicians as well as for artists dealing with video, installation, projections and the new media. It is characteristically marked by experimental and electronic music in convergence with visual disciplines. For several days a selected group of artists, who belong to the international avantgarde in their field, work in a "laboratory of time" on audio - visual projects which will be presented to the public at the final performances.


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