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<H=O.P> hop! An interactive game of hopscotch

A case study for new forms of playfulness through interactive design in smart environments.

Digital native or digital layman? The interactive game by tBEDRIJF and HANGAAR will encourage you to participate in a game of hopscotch. However, you don’t need chalk and a stone. If you step on one of the illuminated surfaces, the playground will unfold automatically for you. Depth cameras, a lot of software and ingenious projections will follow your movements and turn an ancient game into an accessible and unique cross-media experience.

The game is a collaboration between tBEDRIJF, a young and multi-media collective experimenting with analogue versus digital imagery, and Hangaar, a young collective that develops interactive tools for digital live performance with image and sound.

Developed by tBEDRIJF en HANGAAR for the Youth Film Festival in Belgium.

www.tbedrijf.be - www.hangaar.net

info@tbedrijf.be - info@hangaar.net