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Eye See Experience - Francophonie 2013 - Selection Show

This is the Video of our Show at the Francophonie 2013 in Nice, France. In this video, the Music and Visuals are being Mixed Live. The Music was created by Kevork Keshishian (A.K.A Diamond Setter).

Every 4 years, a gathering of all French speaking nations happen under the name of Jeux De Francophonie. All these nations compete in Sports and Cultural competition, which we believe is more of an exchange of thoughts and experiences. This year, in 2013, they added the Digital Creation/VJ competition in the cultural section. The subject defined by the organizers was: PEACE, HUMAN RIGHT, and DEMOCRACY.

Put the Volume HIGH, as we are sorry for the low volume. The video was taken with a GoPro Hero 3. We tried to put the original Audio on the video, but because the music was being played Live, it was a bit complicated. So, we decided to keep it as is.

We will also share the video of our performance in the Finals, which made us get the GOLD Medal. Stay tuned.



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