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Dr.Nojoke - Back & Forth | original video by liliTXT


is a conceptual, danceable, interdisciplinary album project by dr.nojoke around the topic "moving"

in collaboration with diverse international artists and Sleep is Commercial.

11 music tracks, 11 music-videos, 11 video-artists, 5 poems/texts and 1 painting

Music: Dr.Nojoke

Video: lili txt

Camera: Jose Gregorio Ortiz

Label: Sleep is Commercial

Cat#: SICX008

This video was developed with a performative concept, was an action, that reveals the movement of walking in a loop constantly, as a way of understanding the ups and downs of life, fall and stand-up again and again beggining at the same point over and over.

Special thanks to Jose Gregorio Ortiz (camera)

Artist info:

Born in Colombia (1978), Visual artist graduated in National University of Colombia in 2003.

Assistant Professor at San Buenaventura University of Bogota since (2003 to 2012), and Assistant Professor at the District University of Bogota (ASAB) (2009-2013), Specialist in Universitary Teaching in (2007), Assistant Professor in Universidad de Pamplona (Colombia) 2014.

She has participated in massive events and collectives of electronic music working with Techsound, Bogotrax, Medellinstyle, Fuad and many others, with recognition as (best vj) at Dj awards in Colombia (2008) and vj resident in Cinema Club Bogotá (2010-2011).

Now she develops visual projects with different artists *musicians, architects and designers* (Blanali, Aktioner, Achtersse, lugo lugo, Palenke Soultribe (United States), Anonym (United States), Vía rustica (Colombia), Nierderflur (Germany), Foot fetish records (Germany), Dr. Nojoke (Germany), Utch (Chile), El Reino del mar (Colombia), Doctor Krapula (Colombia) etc. Appearing in compilations such as Electronic Beats slices 2-10 (lumen) for Nidederflur (Germany) 2010 and belongs to

Now she is interested in video performance projects that includes spacial interventions and collective works. Also she is developing a work in progress called RED PROJECT related with creation and cooworking on virtual platforms.

Now she is making a Postgraduate studies (cultural studies) Universidad ARCIS - Santiago de Chile (Chile).


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