L:ED (Experiments in Digital)

L:ED (Experiments in Digital)


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Digital Lovers

"Digital lovers".

Twilight bounded with a kiss, two lovers delighted in bliss, the ethereal high becoming more intense

Electrifying the soul imparting wisdom ounce by ounce

Sunset nights light up the sky

The eternal fireworks of the good deeds recognized and magnified a yet glorified within the boundary of images digitized

Video by Dorianne Wotton: http://www.dorianne-wotton.com

Music by Exomène : http://exomene.com

Music from Exomène's last E.P: "Trinity" , available on WEATNU records : http://weatnu.bandcamp.com/album/trinity

Thank you to our lovers, Jean François and Louise


Installation Video Art Scenography